Observational Astronomy – grades 6 – 8
Fri/Sat., October 28 & 29
6:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.

This two-evening class will teach students about observing the night sky. The class will start with basic training on the use of binoculars, Dobsonian, refractor and other basic telescopes. Students will learn about various constellations and their celestial objects. Reading star maps, star finders and other observing aids also will be incorporated into the program. Read More …

Pegasus Classes
Grades 1-12
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Pegasus classes are offered on weekends, school holidays, and occasional evenings throughout the school year. The program is named for the mythological winged-horse Pegasus, symbolizing the beauty, strength, and freedom of each individual to dream big and reach for the stars. The Pegasus programs for students in grades 1-12 encourage students to work and think like Read More …